As chair of the G20 in 2014, Australia will focus on a global growth and jobs agenda and put the emphasis on free trade, tax collection and infrastructure investments, said Heather Smith, the Australian G20 Sherpa, at a “Policy Insight” meeting organised by Friends of Europe in cooperation with the Australian Mission to the EU.

“Australia sees itself as assuming a stewardship role, we are custodians of the institution and our objective is to make G20 relevant but also to focus on implementation of the G20 agenda”. “There is a sense of cautious optimism on the global economy; between the reforms in China and the economic stimulus policies of Japan, we have a shaky calm,” said Smith.

“EU priorities for the G20 fit in very well with Australia’s agenda,” said Antonio Jose Cabral, the EU’s G20 Sherpa. “We would like to add the question of climate change,” he added.

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