“For the one and a half billion people living in fragile or conflict-affected states in the world, a functional post-2015 development paradigm means ensuring peace and security. In order to move towards this, the international community must recognise the importance of good governance, state-building and trust in local authorities, noted the panellists at Friends of Europe’s debate ‘Post-2015: Objective peace’, which took place at the European Development Days in Brussels.

“We must focus on what it takes to achieve state-building, not as an afterthought, but as a starting point,” noted Marcus Cornaro, Deputy Director General, Directorate-General for Development & Cooperation – EuropeAid.

The importance of local leadership to building and maintaining peace cannot be understated, stressed Alex Thier, Assistant to the Administrator Bureau for Policy, Planning and Learning, USAID, noting that “if there is one iron rule of development, it is that country leadership must exist or no development can happen.”

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