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Trade and Logistics: A “Bali Package” for the EU

ECIPE Bulletin No. 01/2014 Traditionally, the concept of trade costs for shipping goods has been centred on tariffs, quotas and other policies inhibiting exporting firms from entering foreign markets. Now that the nature of trade is changing from shipping final goods to the transport of a myriad of inputs through global supply chains, the concept… Read article ›

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Japan’s New Security Policy: Breaking Away from the Post-War Regime?

Bart Gaens Briefing Paper 148 (2014) China is challenging the regional balance of power in East Asia through a military buildup and an increasingly assertive foreign policy. The US is forced to find the right balance between cooperating with China while benefiting from its economic rise, and countering China’s regional reach by carrying out its… Read article ›

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Is the Fethullah Gülen Movement Overstretching Itself?

SWP Research Paper 2014/RP 02, January 2014, 31 Pages The movement led by the preacher Fethullah Gülen is regarded as the fastest-growing religious trend within Turkish Islam. This accounts also for citizens and denizens with Turkish backgrounds in Western European countries, including Germany, where approximately 300 organisations close to Gülen operate 24 state-approved private schools… Read article ›

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The EU on Ukraine: Opportunities for Liberalisation of the Visa Regime

2014-01-28 Kinga Dudzińska, Piotr Kaźmirkiewicz no. 10 (605) The undemocratic changes in Ukraine’s laws and particularly the dramatic events in Kiev indicate the urgent need for an EU response, both for security reasons and because of the need to support pro-EU changes in the country. One current issue is the liberalisation of the visa regime… Read article ›

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The changing energy map: Its implications for economic competitiveness

Europe faces deep challenges in the energy sector and has a critical year ahead in reshaping its energy policies, IEA chief economist Fatih Birol told Friends of Europe’s conference to launch the 2013 World Energy Outlook. “It has rarely been so critical for European prosperity, since the Second World War, for Europe to shape sound energy policies in 2014,”… Read article ›

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Carving up the Skies: China’s New Air Defense Zone

Sangsoo Lee POLICY BRIEF, No. 140, January 14 2014 China’s establishment of a new Air Defense Identification Zone has heightened tensions in Northeast Asia, with Japan, South Korea, and the United States having been swift to react to Beijing’s announcement, seen to be a signal of China’s increasing assertion of its interests in the face… Read article ›

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The Internationalization of the Renminbi and the Rise of a Multipolar Currency System

ECIPE Working Paper No. 01/2014 The dollar’s steady depreciation has had little impact on the official reserves of central banks. As scholars of the international monetary system debate whether the dollar can continue to play the dominant role in the international monetary system, actual developments in exchange relations already give reason to expect that the… Read article ›

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Free Movement in the EU: Promoting Mobility Not Migration

2014-01-10 Roderick Parkes no. 3 (598) British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that the EU’s free movement regime is encouraging “benefit tourism.” Citing the particular example of Polish workers, he stated his intention to revisit treaty agreements, not least in order to prevent EU citizens claiming welfare benefits for family members not resident in the… Read article ›