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EU Policies on Online Entrepreneurship: Conversations with U.S. Venture Capitalists

ECIPE Occasional Paper No. 02/2013 This paper examines the role of policy for creating an attractive atmosphere for venture capital investments in online start-ups and entrepreneurship. It is based on in-depth interviews with venture capitalists in the United States. The main takeaway points are: The policy atmosphere is important for Internet start-ups and online entrepreneurs.… Read article ›

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Modifying the 2°C Target: Climate Policy Objectives in the Contested Terrain of Scientific Policy Advice, Political Preferences, and Rising Emissions

Oliver Geden SWP Research Paper 2013/RP 05, June 2013, 30 Pages In the 20 years since the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change was adopted, progress in global climate policy has been modest. Annual greenhouse gas emissions have increased by over one-third since 1992. Acute conflicts of interest remain a persistent obstacle. One of the… Read article ›

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The German energy transition: Status, challenges and the Finnish perspective

by Patrick Matschoss PDF Download PDF Download   Download all FIIA publications at www.fiia.fi. Subscribe to our mailing list at www.fiia.fi/en/join/. Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/upifiia/. The German term Energiewende (energy transition) refers to a fundamental transition to a decarbonized energy system mainly based on variable renewable energy (wind, solar), with the emphasis on increased energy efficiency… Read article ›