• Migration and Integration

Win-win solutions to Europe’s refugee crisis

Discussion paper by Giles Merritt and Shada Islam Friends of Europe is launching an ambitious programme of discussions, publications and events that focus on the policy issues raised by the refugee and migrant crisis. Migration Action will highlight official, private sector and civil society initiatives and explore new ideas on Europe’s role and responses. Political… Read article ›

  • Greener Europe

Europe’s Energy Union and the road to Paris and beyond

In an unusual new departure from the long-established divisions between environmental and industrial protagonists, Friends of Europe publishes a report featuring consensus-based solutions to Europe’s climate-energy-industry “trilemma”.  With negotiations to seal the much hoped-for climate deal underway and EU leaders gathering this week to discuss the new European Commission’s Energy Union strategy, there is no… Read article ›

  • Greener Europe

World Energy Outlook: What energy-mix can keep the lights on?

The global energy system faces serious stresses in coming decades due to pressure to reduce climate change and uncertainties over traditional supplies, the International Energy Agency Chief Economist said presenting the IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2014 at Friends of Europe’s high-level conference. Making global energy use sustainable requires four times the current $400 billion annual investment in… Read article ›

  • Quality Europe

Reconciling EU interests and values: A new vision for global development

The European Union should form ambitious plans to help solve global problems, leading development policy expert Simon Maxwell told a Friends of Europe debate on 10 September, adding: There is no ‘them and us’ anymore. There is only us in the modern world.” Introducing the European Think Tanks Group (ETTG) 2014 report, “Our Collective Interest: Why Europe’s… Read article ›