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Russia and China take the lead in hybrid warfare while West struggles to respond

The efforts of NATO and the European Union to address hybrid warfare are unlikely to succeed. While promising, their efforts are neither broad enough in scope nor sufficiently integrated. This is because both NATO and the EU see hybrid warfare as a new set of techniques for aggression rather than what it really is: a… Read article ›

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Defence reinforcements: how much is enough to defend Lithuania?

Due to their vulnerable geographic position and complicated history, the Lithuanian people have seldom felt secure. The exception is the period from 2004, when Lithuania became a member of the European Union and NATO, to 2014, when Russia invaded Ukraine and occupied and annexed Crimea. A 2012 survey suggested that more than 60% of Lithuanians… Read article ›

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The EU’s Global Strategy needs some straight talking

Europe has never been so prosperous, so secure nor so free’. These words may sound grotesque today, but they were used in good faith as an opening line of the first European Security Strategy only thirteen years ago. Its successor, published in June by the EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, begins with a starkly different assessment of the world: ‘We… Read article ›

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NATO’s guns point the wrong way

Fire-eating sabre rattlers dominated discussion at a recent security conference in Poland’s ancient city of Kraków. The need for NATO to beef-up its northern defences was the leitmotif of most speakers as they warned against the bellicose ambitions and intentions of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. When defence experts meet, they inevitably speak of military capabilities… Read article ›