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Behind the headlines, Merkel’s refugee policy is working for Germany

Refugees are often used as scapegoats, but the success stories of Germany’s refugees paint a very different picture. Angela Merkel has come under fire from many directions for her so-called ’open door‘ refugee policy. But apart from the usual suspects – domestic and foreign right-wing politicians, groups and parties – criticism has come from moderates… Read article ›

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Win-win solutions to Europe’s refugee crisis

Discussion paper by Giles Merritt and Shada Islam Friends of Europe is launching an ambitious programme of discussions, publications and events that focus on the policy issues raised by the refugee and migrant crisis. Migration Action will highlight official, private sector and civil society initiatives and explore new ideas on Europe’s role and responses. Political… Read article ›

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How to fix the breaks in Europe’s asylum system

Early in April, the European Commission published a Communication outlining its intention to substantially reform the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). As intended, it was followed up by substantial reform proposals for the “Dublin system” of allocating responsibility for asylum applications, and will end with a fully-harmonised European asylum system. From the outset, it’s fair… Read article ›

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Italy asks for solidarity over Dublin III

It won’t come as a surprise that Italians are greatly concerned about the reception obligations set forth in the EU international protection framework, Dublin III in particular. Although Italy was recently subject to an infringement procedure because of its alleged failure to comply with ‘EURODAC’ identification requirements for asylum applicants, a breakdown of the 2013… Read article ›