• Greener Europe

Business ingenuity for a low-carbon world

Many look towards Silicon Valley for the next breakthrough in low-carbon energy. There is much excitement around Google’s energy kite and Elon Musk’s pledge to solve southern Australia’s power shortage with solar batteries. Other solutions are in still in their infancy: solar geo-engineering, or ocean fertilisation to promote algae CO2 absorption. For these technologies, unforeseen… Read article ›

  • Special Section: Resource Efficiency

“Governments need to strengthen the policy framework that encourages green innovation throughout the business cycle”

Green and growth can go together so long as we put the right policies in place. The OECD’s Green Growth Strategy, prepared for our 50th anniversary meeting in May, is designed to provide just such an actionable policy framework. It fosters growth and development while preserving the resources on which people’s well-being relies. Green growth… Read article ›