• Greener Europe

Europe’s Energy Union and the road to Paris and beyond

In an unusual new departure from the long-established divisions between environmental and industrial protagonists, Friends of Europe publishes a report featuring consensus-based solutions to Europe’s climate-energy-industry “trilemma”.  With negotiations to seal the much hoped-for climate deal underway and EU leaders gathering this week to discuss the new European Commission’s Energy Union strategy, there is no… Read article ›

  • Security Europe

Three ways to reindustrialise Europe with dual-use technologies

Widely used in everything from tennis rackets to Formula 1 cars, carbon fibre was originally developed by the UK Ministry of Defence in the early 1960s for military applications. Back then an esoteric and expensive material, it’s become price-competitive with its intense strength and durability for its weight. Similarly, head-up displays were developed to enable… Read article ›