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Cyber-defence needs to be implemented in EU’s military activities

All Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) activities of the European Union, including military missions and operations, are dependent on effective command and control, on assured information and functioning, as well as on uncontested communication and information systems. They rely on the availability of free and secure access to the internet or – using the… Read article ›

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The role of integrated national plans in building an Energy Union

Energy – its origin, cost, use and security – impacts on global sustainability, on citizens’ health and wellbeing and on industry’s competitiveness. The world is currently transitioning from a traditionally fossil fuel-based system to an increasingly diversified energy mix. The European Union, through its 2020 and 2030 energy and climate targets, its leading role in… Read article ›

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Another Romanian winter of discontent

Shortly after their landslide victory in the December 2016 parliamentary elections, and during one of the decade’s harshest winters, Romania’s new governing coalition decided to roll out a series of legislative ‘hot potatoes’ that challenged the rule of law. The ‘emergency decree’ that would have allowed corrupt politicians to escape or avoid jail was passed… Read article ›

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Cost-effective energy policy must be key goal of governance plans

Two years ago the European Commission published its Communication on the Energy Union, marking a new approach to the European energy sector. It was based on an accurate diagnosis of the challenges facing the sector: a high dependency on fossil fuel imports; ageing infrastructure; a major crisis in markets that delivered high retail prices but… Read article ›