Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Sudan
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Sexual violence against refugees goes on: Europe can and must act to end it

Women asylum-seekers leave conflict zones seeking refuge from acute threats, including wartime rape. But Europe is no haven from sexual violence. The media and non-governmental organisations report how refugees in Europe face threats of sexual violence along migration routes, at ports of entry, at transit sites, in detention, and in reception centres. Perpetrators include smugglers,… Read article ›

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Safe zones give Europe a chance to rebuild Syria

The manifest dreadfulness of the Syrian crisis requires the international community, and particularly Europe, to look at options to invest in Syria. This does not include the drain of Syria’s brightest and best to advanced countries around the world, something that would condemn Syria to terminal and irreversible decline. The ‘humanitarian safe zone’ concept recognises… Read article ›

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The migration crisis is over: long live the migration crisis

Since the early spring of 2016, the number of people migrating across the Mediterranean has stabilised, to about 200,000 people. This is largely due to the closure of the Western Balkan route and the EU- Turkey Statement of March 2016, which sought to end irregular migration from Turkey to the European Union. Underlying both actions… Read article ›

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Europe-Asia relations become a priority in the age of Trump

Asian governments are still trying to make sense of Donald Trump’s unpredictable approach to their region. After lambasting both Tokyo and Beijing over their trade and currency policies, the new President of the United States has made constructive contact with both the Chinese and Japanese leaders. But conflicting statements by American policymakers indicate that Washington… Read article ›