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The EU’s strategic failures on its eastern and south-eastern borders: Chickens coming home to roost

As Turkey arrests and imprisons more journalists, Ukraine’s eastern regions remain in crisis, and the Balkans stagnate, what happened to any European strategy and soft power influence in its eastern and south-eastern neighbourhood? The EU is not directly responsible for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s attacks on media freedom and other civil liberties; nor is… Read article ›

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Reykjavik – Iceland’s In-Out cliffhanger talks on EU membership are still inconclusive

Iceland applied for European Union membership in July 2009 and was formally acknowledged by all the then 27 member states as a candidate country a year later. Accession negotiations didn’t start until summer 2011, following the screening process. In 18-months of active negotiations, prior to their being put on hold in early 2013, progress was… Read article ›

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EU enlargement: How wrong blueprint spoils good policy

The limitations of the EU’s enlargement policy are becoming increasingly obvious. On the plus side there’s progress in Montenegro, with Lithuania’s Presidency of the EU Council opening another five chapters, including those that relate to fundamental rights and the judiciary. It also tested for the first time the so-called “New Approach” in accession negotiations which… Read article ›

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EU and Russia: Eastern Partnership vs Eurasian Union

Since his ‘formal’ return to power in May 2012 – was he ever really away? – President Vladimir Putin has been eager to restore Russia’s superpower status to distract from domestic problems. Russian leaders have traditionally demonstrated Moscow’s clout first in the post-Soviet space, particularly in Eastern Europe. The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON)… Read article ›