• Smarter Europe

We must tackle long-term job insecurity, not just the excesses of the ‘gig economy’

Over the last decade the economic prospects facing European workers have changed. For most, it’s been a change for the worse: less job security, less wage growth, more low-paid work, erosion of pensions and healthcare, and increased fears about future employment prospects, particularly for young people. The ‘gig economy’ – in which people hold several… Read article ›

  • "The Europe We Want!"

Here’s how Europe’s policymakers should seize on their window of opportunity

Europe has been grappling with some formidable challenges, and there is still more to do to strengthen the eurozone, overcome debt burdens and cope with an ageing society. Shocking though it was when Pope Francis likened Europe to a “grandmother, no longer fertile and vibrant”, we see grounds for optimism. Citizens may be more willing… Read article ›

  • Special Section: Innovation and Growth

The steps being taken to confront the EU’s competitiveness and innovation weaknesses

More than five years after the onset of the financial crisis, Europe’s economic situation is still very fragile. After last year’s slight recession, growth is expected to be very modest in 2013. Unemployment in the euro area stands above 11% and many small and medium-sized companies still have trouble finding finance for new projects. Against… Read article ›