• Europe in 25 years

“No single EU country can any longer act alone as an economic or political power – even Europe’s largest economies”

How Europe will look in 25 years’ time may be harder to predict than we know; technological developments and our capacity to innovate, along with inexorable demographic pressure and the looming fiscal timebomb of ageing add to the redistribution of economic power as global trade and investment moves eastwards and the continuing threat of further… Read article ›

  • Future Europe
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The issue: Could rescuing the €-17 fatally weaken the EU? My verdict: No, there are several models for a “two-speed Europe”

Europe’s achievements since World War II have been nothing short of fantastic. The East-West division of the Cold War era has been brought peacefully to an end. Democracy and prosperity have been spreading. The European Union has been partly responsible for these successes, yet now the eurozone crisis is making the EU’s present situation economically… Read article ›