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Due Diligence and the futility of creating norms in cyberspace

It has become all too common for European policymakers and academics alike to obsess over the creation of norms in cyberspace. Especially the promotion of the due diligence principle, to regulate state behaviour in the fifth domain, is riddled with forlorn expectations and futile assumptions. According to customary international law, due diligence stipulates that, “no… Read article ›

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Evidence in the cloud and the rule of law in cyberspace

Cybercrime is a reality. It is not just a matter of attacks against machines but a threat to the core values of democratic societies. This is illustrated by the proliferation of private data theft; by cyberattacks against the media, civil society organisations, parliaments and individuals; denial-of-service attacks against public institutions and critical infrastructure; sexual violence… Read article ›

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A Fierce Domain: Conflict in Cyberspace, 1986 to 2012

There can be little doubt that a new “Cold War” is taking place in cyberspace among states with potentially destabilising consequences for international relations.  Revelations have surfaced of state-produced malware being specifically targeted at the critical infrastructures of other countries. These cyber-attacks, some of which might be considered retaliatory, have been executed with great effect… Read article ›