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The role of integrated national plans in building an Energy Union

Energy – its origin, cost, use and security – impacts on global sustainability, on citizens’ health and wellbeing and on industry’s competitiveness. The world is currently transitioning from a traditionally fossil fuel-based system to an increasingly diversified energy mix. The European Union, through its 2020 and 2030 energy and climate targets, its leading role in… Read article ›

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Syria shows it’s time to take climate migration seriously

Most people remember the first news reports on the political unrest in Syria in 2011. After the start of the Arab Spring in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, it was merely a matter of time before Syrians would take to the streets and demand the resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Within weeks, the uprisings escalated… Read article ›

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Business ingenuity for a low-carbon world

Many look towards Silicon Valley for the next breakthrough in low-carbon energy. There is much excitement around Google’s energy kite and Elon Musk’s pledge to solve southern Australia’s power shortage with solar batteries. Other solutions are in still in their infancy: solar geo-engineering, or ocean fertilisation to promote algae CO2 absorption. For these technologies, unforeseen… Read article ›

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Can the Paris Agreement make history for Germany?

French President François Hollande was correct when he said “L’histoire arrive, l’histoire est là” at the conclusion of the Climate Change Conference on 12 December in Paris.  Both the conference and the decisions adopted there could be historic. After twenty years of negotiations, 195 states have made a unanimous and legally-binding commitment to undertake everything… Read article ›