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BRI can spark an EU-China conversation on peace, security and development

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has the potential to spark a more ambitious and truly strategic EU-China conversation on crucial issues of global peace, security and economic governance. Europe has so far focused on the obvious trade, business and connectivity dimensions of China’s ‘project of the century’. That is understandable: In a world hungry… Read article ›

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Beware clashes of big-power nationalisms in 2017 – with Europe stuck in the middle

2017 will see the clash of big-power nationalisms, triggered by Donald Trump’s forthcoming inauguration as the 45th President of the United States. The most immediately striking characteristic of the Trump administration is its attitude to China. During the campaign the President-elect threatened to impose very high tariffs on Chinese imports. But his decision to abandon… Read article ›

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Don’t let MES woes affect EU-China ties

Trade wars make great headlines. But they are a terrible way to conduct international commerce. With global trade in goods and services worth trillions of euros – and millions of jobs and economic growth at stake – battles over tariffs (too high or too low), market access, quotas, subsidies, dumping and non-tariff barriers are to be expected. But such confrontations have a nasty way of infecting not just the conversation on trade between… Read article ›