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When it comes to Brexit talks, it’s all about the money

The European Union never wanted a ‘hard’ Brexit. The British government, under Prime Minister Theresa May, chose it without consultation and convinced a reluctant Parliament. May brought into her government die-hard ‘Leave’ supporters who can continue to rely on the Eurosceptic media and who make hay with the result of the binary referendum. So it is… Read article ›

Martin SCHULZ - EP President meets with Ivan ROGERS, UK Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the European Union
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Sir Ivan’s departure highlights Brexiteers’ ‘muddled thinking’ on trade

Although a gross generalisation, it is nevertheless fair to say that the British were never believers in the European dream, with its vision of shared values and a common political culture. The UK sees its withdrawal in terms of trade: from London’s standpoint, Brexit is all about defending its commercial interests. That’s understandable. So it’s… Read article ›

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Welcome to Austerity 2.0

Brexit“ and ”austerity“ are two of the most controversial subjects of recent times. Brexit is a political challenge stemming from an EU membership referendum; austerity is an economic challenge stemming from the political short-sightedness of pro-cyclical policies. But both phenomena have a direct effect on businesses and households across the European Union. The Brexit vote, and Euroscepticism more generally, have… Read article ›