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Romania’s odd-one-out stance on refugees

The surge in right-wing and anti-immigrant movements sweeping central and Eastern Europe doesn’t seem to have caught on in Romania, with the country following its tendency to align its interests with those of the EU’s older member states. As a relatively new member state, Romania appears to have held on to its optimism for the European project. It falls behind the EU’s decisions even when it doesn’t agree with them.… Read article ›

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Estonia’s Nordic dream

Estonia has long looked to the Nordic countries, mainly Sweden and Finland, for inspiration and belonging, rather than forging a common identity with its Baltic neighbours. Historically, Estonia has been shaped by the “good old Swedish times”, a national myth referring to the period from the 16th century to the early 18th century, when Estonia’s territory was under Swedish rule. Significant reforms were introduced during this time, including the establishment of… Read article ›

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The UK must retain its EU police cooperation

For all the talk during the referendum campaign of the risk of Brexit to UK-EU police and intelligence cooperation, the issue now seems to have drifted from the headlines. But now Britain has voted to leave, what will be the real damage? After the Lisbon Treaty came into force in December 2009, there was a four-and-a-half year period during which member states could announce a blanket opt-out from all former “third… Read article ›

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Young Spaniards need to rekindle their EU belief

Spaniards were asked to vote once again on 26 June, six months after inconclusive parliamentary elections. These second elections confirmed the change in the political landscape that had previously been dominated by two parties – the centre-right Partido Popular (PP) and the Socialists (PSOE). Whereas governments had previously been formed with an absolute majority, the rise of the left-wing Podemos and centrist Ciudadanos (Citizens) means a future of pacts and strategic alliances. Surveys… Read article ›

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Hungary’s sham immigration referendum

Hungarians went to the polls on 2 October to vote on the following question: ‘Do you want the European Union to be able to order the obligatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary without the consent of the Hungarian National Assembly?’ The referendum was supposed to give citizens a decision that will then be enacted in legislation. But the referendum could not have had such a result. The misleading phrase ‘obligatory settlement… Read article ›

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Italy asks for solidarity over Dublin III

It won’t come as a surprise that Italians are greatly concerned about the reception obligations set forth in the EU international protection framework, Dublin III in particular. Although Italy was recently subject to an infringement procedure because of its alleged failure to comply with ‘EURODAC’ identification requirements for asylum applicants, a breakdown of the 2013… Read article ›

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