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Rise of the machines isn’t the end for manual labour

The rapid pace of digitalisation will have a dramatic impact on the world of work. A popular view is that the advance of digitalisation, automation and “Industry 4.0” doesn’t augur well for low-skilled workers in European industry, with some reports forecasting a massive contraction in the job market for low-skilled workers. According to an extremely popular 2013 study by Carl Frey… Read article ›

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Time to bring competition policy back to basics

EU policymakers often talk about encouraging entrepreneurship, so isn’t it time competition law reflected this? The European Commission ought to update its competition policy to better protect start-ups against their more established rivals. For competition to work, companies must act independently of each other and be subject to the competitive pressures exerted by others on the… Read article ›

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Uber debate highlights need to tackle collaborative economy challenges

Tackling challenges related to the collaborative economy appears to be a priority for the European Commission as it seeks to strengthen the EU’s Internal Market. A section on “enabling the balanced development of the collaborative economy” features prominently in the Commission’s Internal Market Strategy published October 28. In it, the Commission quotes a recent study… Read article ›

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To bridge the digital divide, promote internet connectivity like it’s washing powder

Efforts to bridge the digital divide often focus on reducing the cost of an internet connection. But new research suggests that a more effective approach may be to lay the technical foundations that drive demand and improve user experience, before worrying about cost. As our world becomes increasingly digitized, the social stratification resulting from unequal… Read article ›

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