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Safe zones give Europe a chance to rebuild Syria

The manifest dreadfulness of the Syrian crisis requires the international community, and particularly Europe, to look at options to invest in Syria. This does not include the drain of Syria’s brightest and best to advanced countries around the world, something that would condemn Syria to terminal and irreversible decline. The ‘humanitarian safe zone’ concept recognises… Read article ›

New York– Waving signs and holding banners bearing the slogan “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality and Women’s Rights”, thousands snaked through midtown Manhattan on 8 March in a collective show of solidarity for the global women’s movement. Thousands sang, chanted and rallied for gender equality during a march to mark International Women’s Day.

Photo: UN Women/J Carrier

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Radical or rational? Why Europe needs strong feminist policies to sustain peace and security

We are living through a time of rupture and paradox. Ground-breaking global commitments on science, sustainable development, climate protection and human rights collide with rising global inequalities, recurrent famine and historically high human displacement. Tolerance and equality are increasingly being met with racism and misogyny. Frighteningly, we have seen a marked increase in militarisation and… Read article ›

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Trump’s travel ban does more harm than good

Only days after his inauguration as President of the United States, Donald Trump stated that he would not shy away from “fighting fire with fire” when it comes to combating terrorist organizations, such as the self-styled ‘Islamic State’ (or Daesh) and al-Qaeda. The newly-elected President publicly contemplated the reintroduction of ‘enhanced interrogation’ methods such as… Read article ›

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Security is about more than just military spending

Security is not just about strong armies, aircraft carriers and boots-on-the-ground. Peace and stability in the 21st century demand that we tackle so-called ‘soft’ or non-traditional security challenges including development, governance, and environmental degradation. The new President of the United States, Donald Trump, is clearly a hard security man. He talks and tweets tough. The… Read article ›

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Europe needs to enhance its stand on the security of space activities

Space matters for the world and for Europe. Over the last 60 years it has become an increasing presence in our society, supporting telecommunications and broadcasting, weather forecasting, Earth observation and environment monitoring. We rely on space activities for positioning, navigation and timing, and increasingly for security and defence. Space is radically transforming our daily… Read article ›

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