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Breaking the glass ceiling for women and girls in science

Excellent science and innovation require the talents of both women and men. But there are still too few female scientists occupying top positions in scientific decision-making. According to She Figures 2015, a compilation of gender-disaggregated science statistics published by the European Commission, “men are more than two times as likely to choose engineering, manufacturing and… Read article ›

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Europe cannot ignore the social impact of economic “recovery”

Nothing defines “British exceptionalism”, a recurrent theme of the UK’s European Union membership, like the decision to leave the Union. The implications of Brexit for the British healthcare sector, employment policies and social assistance schemes have been much discussed. But what about the impact on the other side of the negotiating table? Could the EU, liberated from its “reluctant partner”, proceed… Read article ›

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Hungary’s sham immigration referendum

Hungarians went to the polls on 2 October to vote on the following question: ‘Do you want the European Union to be able to order the obligatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary without the consent of the Hungarian National Assembly?’ The referendum was supposed to give citizens a decision that will then be enacted in legislation. But the referendum could not have had such a result. The misleading phrase ‘obligatory settlement… Read article ›