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Hungary’s sham immigration referendum

Hungarians went to the polls on 2 October to vote on the following question: ‘Do you want the European Union to be able to order the obligatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary without the consent of the Hungarian National Assembly?’ The referendum was supposed to give citizens a decision that will then be enacted in legislation. But the referendum could not have had such a result. The misleading phrase ‘obligatory settlement… Read article ›

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Goslar must integrate refugees or face decline

Goslar is a central German town on the northern edge of the Harz Mountains. For a thousand years, its wealth was provided by the mineral deposits of the Rammelsberg Mountain, and today it is a UNESCO World Heritage site with many medium-sized businesses, year-round tourism and major industrial enterprises. But Goslar has been affected by demographic change and structural weakness. The town’s population of approximately… Read article ›

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Why assessing healthcare strengths and weaknesses is so important

Comparing healthcare systems is as rewarding as it is difficult. Health systems are complex anyway, and differ in terms of structure, financing and national cultures. But most strive towards similar overarching aims on safety, quality, accessibility and equity. There’s also much European countries can learn from health system performance assessments as these can promote policy… Read article ›

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