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From Paris to Marrakech: Euro-Med is ready for an ambitious climate policy

Last year’s Conference of Presidents (COP21) meeting provided an important impetus for enhanced action to tackle climate change. The adoption of the Paris Agreement was clearly the political milestone of the transition to a low-carbon development. But keeping the global temperature rise to below two degrees Centigrade, the target set by the agreement, requires coordinated… Read article ›

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Europe’s future’s bright – if the future’s green

The European Union was created to maintain peace and resolve cross-border and common challenges. We need to become better at resolving challenges if we’re to strengthen public support for the EU – and environmental issues are a crucial area for action. With stricter climate policies, increased investment in renewable energy and new green jobs, the EU can demonstrate leadership that will… Read article ›

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Can the Paris Agreement make history for Germany?

French President François Hollande was correct when he said “L’histoire arrive, l’histoire est là” at the conclusion of the Climate Change Conference on 12 December in Paris.  Both the conference and the decisions adopted there could be historic. After twenty years of negotiations, 195 states have made a unanimous and legally-binding commitment to undertake everything… Read article ›