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Can the Paris Agreement make history for Germany?

French President François Hollande was correct when he said “L’histoire arrive, l’histoire est là” at the conclusion of the Climate Change Conference on 12 December in Paris.  Both the conference and the decisions adopted there could be historic. After twenty years of negotiations, 195 states have made a unanimous and legally-binding commitment to undertake everything… Read article ›

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A ‘Cradle to Cradle’ economy is Europe’s only future

Europe needs a positive agenda to define its future. We need real innovation, intelligent product design and quality, and that means we have to stop using sustainability concepts, which are only trying to correct unfixable errors in our old system. Sustainability is not innovative by definition. Innovations are disruptive and change the status quo, whereas… Read article ›

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Juncker risks killing the EU’s green leadership

Jean-Claude Juncker is definitely no Mister Green. Looking at the President for the European Union’s leadership so far he clearly doesn’t recognise the strategic importance of Europe’s green transition. The importance of resource efficiency for competitiveness and the potential for innovation and job creation of the Circular Economy has not been greatly promoted by Juncker. Although at first he targeted environmental legislation as… Read article ›