Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Sudan
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Sexual violence against refugees goes on: Europe can and must act to end it

Women asylum-seekers leave conflict zones seeking refuge from acute threats, including wartime rape. But Europe is no haven from sexual violence. The media and non-governmental organisations report how refugees in Europe face threats of sexual violence along migration routes, at ports of entry, at transit sites, in detention, and in reception centres. Perpetrators include smugglers,… Read article ›

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The storm of new protectionism: what lies behind it?

In the United States, views advocating a ‘strategic’ approach to international trade were mostly marginal in public debate for decades. But with the Trump administration there is increasing talk in Washington, DC of bilateral agreements and using tariffs to protect industries. American companies are prodded to move operations back home; a reversal of finance regulation… Read article ›

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Trump’s travel ban does more harm than good

Only days after his inauguration as President of the United States, Donald Trump stated that he would not shy away from “fighting fire with fire” when it comes to combating terrorist organizations, such as the self-styled ‘Islamic State’ (or Daesh) and al-Qaeda. The newly-elected President publicly contemplated the reintroduction of ‘enhanced interrogation’ methods such as… Read article ›

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