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An ageing Bulgaria must make some big choices

Europe’s demographic landscape shows a cluster of “fertility champions” – the north-western countries that have birth rates close to or slightly above population replacement level (and which also have some of the highest life expectancies in the world). But the post-communist countries to the east are enduring an unprecedented demographic collapse. These countries must critically re-think their traditions of communist demographic… Read article ›

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Young Spaniards need to rekindle their EU belief

Spaniards were asked to vote once again on 26 June, six months after inconclusive parliamentary elections. These second elections confirmed the change in the political landscape that had previously been dominated by two parties – the centre-right Partido Popular (PP) and the Socialists (PSOE). Whereas governments had previously been formed with an absolute majority, the rise of the left-wing Podemos and centrist Ciudadanos (Citizens) means a future of pacts and strategic alliances. Surveys… Read article ›

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Iceland needs pragmatism to avoid northern exposure

Never has global trade been so complex and inter-dependent. So it was no surprise that the initial shock of the UK referendum result was wide-reaching, prompting policymakers and analysts everywhere to ponder the new situation. The dust is starting to settle, and we are starting that as well as challenges, there are also ample opportunities for economic growth, competitive advantage… Read article ›

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