#30 Summer 2015

Under the headlines Britain’s Brexit Battle, the summer issue of Europe’s World, the only EU-wide policy journal, features hard-headed advice to UK prime minister David Cameron from John Kerr, formerly head of Britain’s diplomatic service.

Lord Kerr tells Cameron of seven do’s and don’ts that should guide his “renegotiation” with the EU. Elsewhere on the Brexit question, Scotland’s Europe minister Humza Yousaf champions EU membership, and from Istanbul Sinan Ülgen suggests that looser UK-EU ties could be a model for Turkey.

Europe’s deteriorating relations with Moscow figure prominently in the new Europe’s World. Russia’s former foreign minister Igor Ivanov looks at how to repair them, while Evsey Gurvich explains why the EU’s sanctions have had little effect but in the long-term will cause catastrophic damage. Stephen Larrabee warns of the Kremlin’s efforts to destabilise European security, and Urmas Paet assesses the options now open to Europe.

Angel Gurria, head of the OECD, looks at Europe’s vicious circle of dwindling investment and declining competitiveness, and other leading policymakers and thinkers discuss the circular economy, TTIP, European healthcare, and Jean-Claude Juncker’s investment plan.

In this issue

  • Still no good news for the “make-or-break” EU Juncker promised by Ana Palacio
  • Europe’s investment vicious circle by Ángel Gurría
  • Britain’s Brexit Battle: Advice Cameron should heed by John Kerr
  • The impact of sanctions on Russia: Negligible now, disastrous later by Evsey Gurvich
  • Europe’s puzzling failure to cure its economic ills by Sandra Polaski
  • The ‘circular economy’ is coming round again – bigger and better by Janez Potočnik
  • Europe’s ageing prompts a revolution in healthcare by Francesca Colombo
  • Why Asia’s rise risks souring U.S.-EU relations by Esther Brimmer
  • Asia’s TTIP fears are groundless by Deborah Elms
  • An X-ray of China’s industrial muscle by Richard Herd
  • Three steps for Mogherini to refurbish EU foreign policy by Stephan Keukeleire
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