#31 Autumn 2015

With Europe divided over refugees, Europe’s World Editor-in-Chief Giles Merritt declares that Europe needs more migrants, not fewer. Jan Egeland, likewise, argues for tearing down Fortress Europe. With the refugee crisis hanging over all Europe, a comprehensive view is taken with this issue’s Factsheet: ‘The arguments now raging over Europe’s refugee drama’, with various national agendas covered in a unique edition of the regular ‘Views from the Capitals’ section.

There are new insights on the UK’s EU referendum from Richard Rose, who argues that the vote only prolongs the uncertainties, and fresh eurozone reform suggestions each from Jacek Rostowski and Clemens Fuest. The EU’s green leadership is in danger, according to Ida Auken, and Kevin Rudd says it’s time for Asia’s own EU, but not based on the European model. The new issue culminates in ‘The Europe We Want!’, a special section collecting the broadest cross-section of hopes and fears for the troubled European continent.

In this issue

  • Juncker risks killing the EU’s green leadership by Ida Auken
  • Europe’s high-tech malaise: We’re inventors but not innovators by Žiga Turk
  • The flagging fortunes of Europe’s universities are a danger signal by Lykke Friis
  • Juncker’s enlargement standstill threatens the EU’s credibility by Frank Schimmelfennig
  • Why the Macron plan for the eurozone is misguided by Clemens Fuest
  • How to end the new Cold War by Igor Yurgens
  • Here’s how the EU should start to think long-term by Kishore Mahbubani
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