#28 Autumn 2014

Just when some thought it was safe to ride a slow recovery, Olli Rehn warns of a real risk of deflation that could plunge Europe into deep depression. The former EU financial and monetary affairs commissioner, now a member of the European Parliament, calls for urgent reform, in the Autumn issue of Europe’s World.

Other top-level contributors tackle the Ukraine crisis, the Iran nuclear talks, NATO adapting to new geocrises, ageing, migration, renewable energy, Ireland’s debt trap. They look at China’s growing challenge in manufacturing as well as the Internet. And don’t miss UKIP leader Nigel Farage writing that he does indeed love Europe, there’s just a little problem….

In this issue

  • The spectre of deflation by Olli Rehn
  • Winners and losers in the global economy of 2025 by Jim O'Neill
  • The vexed question of the EU’s support for renewable energy by David Buchan
  • Exciting times lie ahead for manufacturing worldwide by Li Yong
  • What's needed is a much more visionary EU industrial policy by Markus Kerber
  • Signposts from the European elections with Richard Corbett, Nigel Farage, Charles Grant, Roger Liddle, Ana Palacio, Laine Randjärv, Gareth Thomas, Vula Tsetsi, Guy Verhofstadt, Jan Zielonka
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