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Security is about more than just military spending

Security is not just about strong armies, aircraft carriers and boots-on-the-ground. Peace and stability in the 21st century demand that we tackle so-called ‘soft’ or non-traditional security challenges including development, governance, and environmental degradation. The new President of the United States, Donald Trump, is clearly a hard security man. He talks and tweets tough. The… Read article ›

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Europe-Asia relations become a priority in the age of Trump

Asian governments are still trying to make sense of Donald Trump’s unpredictable approach to their region. After lambasting both Tokyo and Beijing over their trade and currency policies, the new President of the United States has made constructive contact with both the Chinese and Japanese leaders. But conflicting statements by American policymakers indicate that Washington… Read article ›

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As Trump disengages from the world, Europe and others can take the lead

The new President of the United States, Donald Trump, is upending liberal democracy, spreading ‘alternative facts’ and smashing civilised values. The loss of US leadership in championing democracy and human rights is worrying. But America’s retreat from the global stage is also an opportunity for others to craft a different vision for living together in… Read article ›