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Europe’s future’s bright – if the future’s green

The European Union was created to maintain peace and resolve cross-border and common challenges. We need to become better at resolving challenges if we’re to strengthen public support for the EU – and environmental issues are a crucial area for action. With stricter climate policies, increased investment in renewable energy and new green jobs, the EU can demonstrate leadership that will… Read article ›

Eu Flag Waving In Front Of European Parliament Building In Brussels
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  • Future Europe

Making the most of Europe’s “saving graces”

No one would deny that these are difficult times for the European Union. Sometimes deservedly, but often not, it is assailed by political disagreements among its members, policy differences over governance of the eurozone, and popular discontent (now intensified by the Brexit vote). But the EU’s achievements in sixty years of progressive integration far outweigh… Read article ›

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  • Migration and Integration

A first step towards a better approach to migrants and refugees

At last: the international community, meeting in New York last month, finally acknowledged the need for coordinated action and an international agreement on how to handle the unprecedented wave of migration that has hit Europe and elsewhere. A year ago, those countries most severely affected appealed for support. Now, the idea that this is an… Read article ›