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Appointment of first EU envoy to ASEAN will boost ties

The European Union’s decision to appoint a special ambassador accredited to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) (1) is a welcome and long-awaited step forward in the EU’s relations with one of the world’s most dynamic and rapidly-growing regions. As a statement by the European External Action Service, the EU’s “foreign ministry”, underlined, the… Read article ›

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State of Europe pre-summit viewpoint: Restore Europeans’ faith in EU with green investment and green vision

In the last few years, EU leaders have been focused largely on macro-economic issues surrounding the financial crisis. For many European citizens, the resulting austerity has been very hard, seemingly far removed from quality of life issues they prioritise. Perhaps not by coincidence, citizens’ trust in the European project is at an all-time low: less… Read article ›

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State of Europe pre-summit viewpoint: How a real EU energy market can power growth

With EU leaders having set an October deadline to agree on climate and energy targets for 2030, Europe faces a moment of truth for its economy and the global environnement. “Green Realism”, and not populism, must drive a transition toward a low-emission society, with a focus on competitiveness and growth. Green Realism has shown itself… Read article ›