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Forget ‘The Wall’: building bridges benefits both America and Mexico

During the 2016 United States presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to put ‘America first’ by bringing in several measures. One of them was building a “beautiful wall” along the country’s southern border in a bid to halt migration. Another was to end “unfair” trade agreements which had “left the US at a disadvantage”, such as… Read article ›

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Antimicrobial resistance is a global threat that needs global action – now

A 2017 OECD report, ‘Tackling Wasteful Spending on Health’, warns that one-fifth of health expenditure makes no or minimal contribution to good health outcomes. It’s alarming news – especially at a time when public budgets worldwide are under pressure. Governments could spend significantly less on healthcare and still improve patients’ health. Inappropriate use of antimicrobial… Read article ›