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The Ukraine crisis is exposing some uncomfortable truths

The Ukraine crisis is the first direct conflict between differing regional strategies of Russia and the EU – Brussel’s eastern partnership and Moscow’s Eurasia Union concept. Ukraine has been central to both strategies, and the either/or choice presented to Kiev ultimately made conflict inevitable. The reason for this confrontation at the same time goes much… Read article ›

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Putin’s behaviour calls into question Dutch strategy of putting “merchant” interests first

The downing in eastern Ukraine of flight MH17 carrying nearly 200 Dutch nationals deeply shocked the Netherlands. A debate emerged on the need to punish Russian president Vladimir Putin’s government for its alleged links with the separatists accused of downing the plane. The Dutch government, which had long given priority to energy relations with Russia,… Read article ›

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Mobilising development and climate finance requires stronger green policies

Smarter and more catalytic development assistance can help mobilise the trillions of dollars required for poverty reduction and sustainable development, according to the OECD’s new Development Co-operation Report 2014. So can slashing subsidies and raising taxes on fossil fuels, with visionary and determined national leadership, as we see in some countries. Development and climate finance… Read article ›