• Global Europe

Reshaping Europe’s Africa policies

Diplomatic relations between the European Union and Africa have long been shaped by post-colonial continuity: Africa exports raw materials, and Europe sends back manufactured goods. Another key aspect is Europe’s role as a source of development assistance. A number of momentous events have led to a review of this relationship. One is the rise of China as Africa’s leading trade partner.… Read article ›

  • Brexit

Brexit changes the EU’s trade dynamics: don’t expect progress

Once Britain leaves the European Union, there will be consequences for the EU as a trading power. Britain was, in 2015, the world’s fifth-largest economy and Europe’s second-largest. It was tenth-biggest exporter of merchandise, and second-biggest of commercial services. The UK continues to be a member of the EU with full rights and responsibilities, including on current trade negotiations. The EU… Read article ›

  • Greener Europe

Europe’s future’s bright – if the future’s green

The European Union was created to maintain peace and resolve cross-border and common challenges. We need to become better at resolving challenges if we’re to strengthen public support for the EU – and environmental issues are a crucial area for action. With stricter climate policies, increased investment in renewable energy and new green jobs, the EU can demonstrate leadership that will… Read article ›